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Results from Medicare ACOs may send a signal for upcoming kidney care demonstration

The results after two years of the CMS Innovation Center’s Pioneer Accountable Care Organization and Shared Savings Program are in, and they are encouraging. Can they be duplicated in a similar program for kidney patients?

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Schreiber talks about moving home therapies forward at DaVita

Moving more patients into home therapies should be just part of a sequence of options when treating kidney disease long term, says the new head of home modalities at DaVita Kidney Care

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Special webinar series

NRAA offers a detailed look at the renal ACO demonstration

An interview with NRAA's and Diane Wish and Doug Johnson

One of the biggest challenges in any health care system is offering a payment model that puts both large and small providers on a level playing field

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The Endpoint

The Endpoint

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Lowering catheter rates among hemodialysis patients

The dialysis community must think beyond Fistula First to lower catheter rates

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DaVita won't participate in renal ACO without changes to program

DaVita executives said that the dialysis provider would not participate in CMS' new renal ACO demo unless the agency makes changes to some of its rules.
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Preparing for disasters of all sizes

Small storms can turn into big disasters
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Dear Senators

Among all nations on earth, there is no other as close to the US in character, living standard, and lifestyle as is Australia. We are two peas in a pod! Well, we are, except for the way we manage healthcare and how we do dialysis.

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Slow FDA response is hurting nocturnal home HD

It’s been about four years since NxStage submitted the System One cycler to the FDA to try to get a new indication for nocturnal home use. Four years. An entire Presidency’s worth of delays, additional studies, conference calls—and more delays.

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AAKP convention offered patients ways to become empowered

The AAKP Convention is the perfect place for kidney patients to learn about their disease and become armed with the knowledge to be an active member of their health care team.

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