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The Endpoint

The Endpoint
The Endpoint

Lowering catheter rates among hemodialysis patients

October 15, 2013
The dialysis community must think beyond Fistula First to lower catheter rates

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DaVita won't participate in renal ACO without changes to program

February 18, 2013
DaVita executives said that the dialysis provider would not participate in CMS' new renal ACO demo unless the agency makes changes to some of its rules.
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Preparing for disasters of all sizes

February 11, 2013
Small storms can turn into big disasters
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The outlook for Amgen

January 28, 2013
Once oral dialysis drugs like Amgen's Sensipar, used to treat hyperparathyroidism, are included in the dialysis payment bundle, it is unlikely that the inevitable drop in sales will match what the biotech firm has seen from its anemia drugs.
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A review of research, drug approvals for the kidney-care community in 2012

January 8, 2013
A highlight of some of the biggest research stories posted on in 2012.
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Show them the quality, and Congress might show you the money

News from the kidney care community
December 17, 2012
Dialysis providers might have to justify their payment rate.
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News from the Kidney Community

December 4, 2012
This new bi-weekly summary is intended to highlight the important stories from and about the kidney care community and offer a place to analyze and discuss them, as well as dive deeper into some of the issues we are covering on our website and in the pages of our magazine.
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What is the renal community looking for in the new bundle, QIP rules?

September 10, 2012
We reviewed submitted comments to CMS, which were due to the agency by Aug. 31, from a number of patient and professional organizations.
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NEJM article demonstrates shortsightedness of transplant coverage policy

February 6, 2012
Despite overwhelming evidence that extending coverage would save lives, donated kidneys, and money, policymakers remain, according to a new perspective piece in The New England Journal of Medicine, penny wise and pound foolish.
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Business as usual

August 29, 2011
Was Rep. Shelley Berkley's push to save a transplant center unethical?
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