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Angelini Pharma Inc.

Angelini-logo-BGAngelini Pharma Inc., is a leader in infection control in the dialysis market with ExSept Plus skin wound and catheter exit site cleanser; Alcavis 50 a high-level catheter connection disinfectant; Manugel and Aniosgel waterless hand sanitizers, and Alcavis Bleach Wipes for hard surface cleaning and disinfection in all patient treatment areas. Angelini Pharma Inc., is also known in the reuse marketplace with the MAKY 21.1 Dialyzer Reprocessing System, and Peracidin reprocessing disinfectant solution along with other ancillary dialyzer reuse supplies. Angelini Pharma Inc., offers innovative solutions to promote antisepsis, disinfection and reus...

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