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Clinicians and members of the renal care team get up-to-date news on the latest drug trials, research, treatment, and health care trends


Genetic variations found to be associated with traits underlying type 2 diabetes in Mexican-Americans

In an effort to understand why Mexicans are disproportionately affected by the disease, researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center led the largest study to date to examine the underlying causes

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Test to assess risk of developing acute kidney injury now available to hospitals

Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics Inc. has started marketing to hospitals the NephroCheckTest System, designed to help health care providers identify patients at risk of developing moderate or severe acute kidney injury within 12 hours of patient assessment

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Researchers find way to suppress inflammation during dialysis treatments

University of Pennsylvania researchers have found a way to avoid the systemic inflammation common in dialysis patients by temporarily suppressing complement during dialysis treatments

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Cinacalet may help prevent bone fractures in dialysis patients

In dialysis patients, cinacalcet reduced the rate of bone fracture by 16% to 29%, after accounting for patient characteristics and other factors

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New type 2 diabetes treatment cures lab animals of disease

In preclinical trials, the new peptide—a molecular integration of three gastrointestinal hormones—lowered blood sugar levels and reduced body fat better than all existing drugs

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Analysis of renal denervation study highlights factors that may have contributed to the unexpected outcome

A new analysis of an important trial of the blood pressure-lowering procedure renal denervation shows that the main results may have been affected by a number of confounding factors that partially explain the unexpected blood pressure responses in patients

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Janssen, American Diabetes Association collaborate on diabetes education

Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. is collaborating with the American Diabetes Association to launch a national educational campaign intended to help Americans living with diabetes better understand and manage the disease

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Study finds genetic links between common kidney and digestive diseases

Researchers have found six new regions in the human genome that increase susceptibility to immunoglobulin A nephropathy

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Simple model predicts progression of kidney disease among socially disadvantaged patients

Among socially disadvantaged patients with moderate or advanced chronic kidney disease, a simple five-variable model accurately predicts most cases of kidney failure that develop within five years

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Low levels of circulating protein linked with heart problems in mice with kidney disease

Findings suggest potential treatment strategy to protect kidney disease patients’ heart health

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