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Home Dialysis

Research, business, and treatment trends for a growing dialysis modality


Reliant Renal Care to provide assisted home hemodialysis in NexCare Health Systems nursing centers

The new program provides residents the choice to receive their treatment in their NexCare Center as a home dialysis patient

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FDA approves NxStage's System One for home nocturnal hemodialysis

NxStage's System One is the only hemodialysis machine cleared by the FDA for this indication

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Patient Empowerment

Taking back control of my life

It wasn’t until I learned about more frequent home hemodialysis that I began to believe I could regain that sense of control I’d lost.

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CMS releases 2015 Physician Fee Schedule final rule

The agency has modified its criteria for furnishing outpatient per diem ESRD-related services in partial month scenarios

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The PD solution crisis

Incremental peritoneal dialysis may be of particular value–right now

In light of the recent peritoneal solution shortage crisis, it seems prudent to revisit the concept of incremental peritoneal dialysis, in which solution use is efficiently minimized.

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Frequent home dialysis provides survival advantage over in-center hemodialysis

Frequent home hemodialysis provides the best survival rate, but the modality has the poorest survival rate when offered only three times a week

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New data shows home hemodialysis superior to PD for patient and technique survival, hospitalizations

Results of a new study conducted by the Chronic Disease Research Group show daily home hemodialysis patients have a 16% lower risk of death, 8% lower risk of hospitalization, and 38% lower risk of therapy attrition than peritoneal dialysis patients

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Slow FDA response is hurting nocturnal home HD

It’s been about four years since NxStage submitted the System One cycler to the FDA to try to get a new indication for nocturnal home use. Four years. An entire Presidency’s worth of delays, additional studies, conference calls—and more delays.

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A critical shortage of solution threatens to hold back unprecedented growth in peritoneal dialysis

The last 12 months have been quite dramatic for peritoneal dialysis (PD) and its advocates in the United States

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Baxter to begin importing peritoneal dialysis solution from Ireland facility

Baxter Healthcare Corporation, in conjunction with U.S. Food and Drug Administration, has initiated temporary importation of Dianeal PD4 Glucose Solutions for Peritoneal Dialysis into the U.S. market

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