The University of California San Francisco Medical Center performed 356 kidney or kidney/pancreas transplants in 2015, the most out of all transplant centers in the United States. The center was also the busiest in 2014, when it performed 354 transplants, and in 2013, when it performed 357  transplants.

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Methodist Specialty and Transplant in San Antonio Texas was the second busiest center in 2015,  performing 323 kidney or kidney/pancreas transplants. The center was ranked 5th busiest in 2014, performing 290 transplants.

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This data, provided by the Organ Procurement and Transplant Network (, includes kidney and kidney/pancreas transplants. The OPTN recorded 8,251 deceased kidney donors in 2015 (7,763 in 2014) and 5,628 living kidney donors (5,538 in 2014), resulting in 5,628 living kidney donor transplants (5,538 in 2014) and 12,250 deceased donor kidney transplants in 2015 (11,570 in 2014). There were also 719 kidney/pancreas transplants in 2015 (709 in 2014).

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