Nephrology News & Issues, part of Grand View Media Group in Birmingham, Ala., published its first issue in 1987 with the aim of informing readers of the latest developments in nephrology while providing a forum for the exchange of ideas among the professional disciplines responsible for delivering care to the end-stage renal disease patient.

Our website offers a unique opportunity to cover and offer commentary on stories while they are still developing, giving the renal community a resource for the latest developments in renal care.

NN&I, winner of two Public Service Awards from the National Kidney Foundation, is not a clinical or society journal, but rather an interdisciplinary news magazine. The editorial staff researches and, with the guidance of an actively involved Editorial Advisory Board, reports on the latest social, economic, political, and legislative developments. The board and other leading professionals are invited to comment on proposed strategies responding to these issues in the delivery of renal care.

This editorial approach provides all renal care professionals with a forum from which each gains an insight into the important issues surrounding renal care. Such issues emerge from the interrelationships of the many disciplines that make up the medical care team.

Please feel free to contact our staff members with any questions, concerns or comments. Thank you.

Editor-in-Chief – Mark E. Neumann – 602.653.5074

Editor, Digital Media – Rebecca Zumoff – 773.431.2926

Senior Account Executive – Tracy Murray 480.353.1571

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                                                   Editorial Advisory Board


Thomas A. Golper, MD, FACP
Vanderbilt University Medical

Richard Amerling, MD
Beth Israel Medical Center

Matthew J. Arduino, DrPH
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Joan Arslanian, RN, NP
NYHQ-Trude Weishaupt Memorial Satellite Dialysis Center

Satyaki Banejee, MD
Louisiana State University Health
Sciences Center

Lori Bassindale, RN,BSN,CCTC
Astellas Pharma U.S. Inc.

Barbara Bednar, MHA, RN, CNN
Reliant Renal Care Inc.

Premila Bhat, MD
Atlantic Dialysis Services

Peter G. Blake, MD
London Health Sciences Centre

Teri Browne, PhD, MSW
University of South Carolina

Jennifer Castillo
Renal Patient

Danilo B. Concepcion, CCHT, CHT,CBNT
St. Joseph Hospital Renal Center

Jim Curtis, CHT
Renal Consultant

Jane S. Davis, CRNP
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Sheila Deziel, RN,CNN
Fresenius Medical Care North America

Tim Dillon, CHT
Renal Consultant

Andrea Easom, MA, MNSc, APN, CS, CNN
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

David A. Fracalossy, CHT, CBNT
Mar Cor

Tony Goovaerts
Cliniques universitaries Saint-Luc

Jane Greene, RD, CSR, LDN
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

George Harper, ME, EdS
Renal Patient

Peggy Harum, RD, LD
Renal Ventures Management

Jeffrey Hymes, MD,
Fresenius Medical Care

Stephanie Johnstone, LCSW
Fresenius Medical Care North America

Mahesh Krishnan, MD
DaVita Kidney Care


Jay B. Wish, MD
University Hospitals of Cleveland

Cindy LaMunyon
Fresenius Medical Care North America

Derrick Latos, MD
Wheeling Renal Care

Arthur Matas, MD
University of Minn. Hospitals and Clinics

David Mendelssohn, MD
Humber River Regional Hospital

Anthony Messana
St. Joseph Hospital Renal Center

Robert Nelson, MD, PhD
National Institutes of Health

Marianne Neumann, RN,CNN
Albany (N.Y.) Regional Kidney Center

Allen R. Nissenson, MD
DaVita Inc.

Martin Osinski, MBA, AVA
Nephrology USA – Div of American Medical
Consultants, Inc.

Robert J. Pristave, Esq
McGuireWoods LLP

Robert Provenzano, MD
St. John Hospital Medical Center

James B. Riley Jr., Esq
McGuireWoods LLP

Cynthia Roberts, RN, CNN
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Robert J. Rubin, MD
Georgetown University

Lana Schmidt, MBA
Renal Patient

Wendy Funk Schrag, LMSW, ACSW
Fresenius Medical Care North America

Lawrence M. Spergel, MD
Dialysis Management Medical Group

Theodore Steinman, MD
Harvard Medical School

Charlie Thomas, LCSW, ACSW
Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center
Transplant Services

Laura Troidle, PA
Milford Hemodialysis/
Renal Research Institute

Diane Wish, RN, MBA
Center for Dialysis Care of Cleveland

                                                                Emeritus Board

 Chairman: John Sadler, MD

Christopher R. Blagg, MD


 Geraldine Biddle, RN, CNN

Robert A. Gutman, MD

Martin Hudson, CNBT