Researchers from Deakin University in Australia have launched an exercise program for dialysis patients. In partnership with Kidney Health Australia, resistance bands and exercise guides are being sent to every one of Australia’s 300 dialysis treatment units at more than 100 Australian hospitals.

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“The combination of chronic kidney disease and sitting on dialysis – for four to five hours, three times a week – causes people to deteriorate physically at an alarming rate,” said Deakin Professor Paul Bennett. “Exercise has been shown to improve physical function, quality of life, muscle condition and the dialysis treatment in patients with kidney disease, as well as decreasing depression, cardiovascular risk and a range of other negative outcomes of kidney disease. The kits we’re sending to every dialysis unit across the country will equip exercise professionals, nurses and patients with what they need to start and sustain a gentle program that will encourage patients to exercise during their dialysis treatment.”

The exercise program is designed to be repeated up to three times a week at every dialysis treatment