ORLANDO, Fla. — A poster presented at the Annual Dialysis Conference showed patients with kidney disease who have been hospitalized for cardiovascular disease are at high risk for readmission and death.

David Gilbertson, PhD, and his research team from the Chronic Disease Research Group at the Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation looked at patterns of readmissions following CVD events among patients on dialysis. Records of Medicare-eligible patients receiving dialysis from 2012 to 2013 were reviewed, with a focus on all live-discharge hospitalizations attributed to CVD. The researchers calculated rates of all-cause CVD-related and non-CVD-related admissions and death in 10-day and 30-day periods post-hospitalization.

“Fully 15.6% and 34.2% of CVD hospitalizations resulted in readmission within 10 and 30 days, respectively; less than half of which were CVD-related,” the authors wrote. “Nearly one in 20 patients died within a month. These findings demonstrate the high morbidity and mortality associated with CVD events in patients receiving dialysis.” – by Mark E. Neumann

Gilbertson D, et al. Readmissions following a hospitalization for cardiovascular events in dialysis patients. Presented at the Annual Dialysis Conference; March 3-6, 2018; Orlando, Fla.

Disclosure: Gilbertson reports no relevant financial disclosures.