The percentage of clinics that took a penalty based on lower performance scores for quality measures in payment year 2014 is similar to the 2013 results, according to date released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Scoring of dialysis facilities based on performance in 2012 impacts payments this year.

An estimated 9.5% of U.S. dialysis clinics will see a reduction ranging from .05% up to the maximum 2% in their 2014 payments. That percentage is close to the 10% of clinics that drew a penalty payment in 2013, and considerably lower than the 30% of clinics that got penalized in 2012. The QIP works in three-year cycles; the first year is performance, the second year is evaluation based on the QIP scoring system, and the third year is when the penalty is assessed.

Each dialysis facility can access their clinic’s score at For a downloadable Excel spreadsheet of scores and penalties for all U.S. facilities, go to and download the Performance Score Summary Reports at the bottom of the CMS web page. Scores and penalties for previous payment years 2012 and 2013 are also available.