With dialysis facilities completing 2013 requirements this month for the End-Stage Renal Disease Quality Incentive Program, and the launch of new quality measures finalized for 2014 just days away, a special session this week and one on Jan. 15 will cover the details on how both performance years will impact the renal community.

(CMS responds to queries about new measures in ESRD QIP rule)

  1. On Dec. 19 at 2:00 pm EST, Segar, the program lead and policy lead for the ESRD QIP at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, will discuss the next step for dialysis facilities in completing 2013 requirements (impacting payment year 2015). This webinar is organized by the administrators of Project CROWNWeb. Segar is responsible for providing leadership and oversight of the ESRD QIP, as well as writing federal regulations and other policies that impact dialysis facilities nationwide. In January, facilities must use CROWNWeb to attest to certain things that were done as part of the ESRD QIP during performance year 2013, which will impact their payment in 2015. Dialysis facilities will perform attestation requirements for performance year 2014 as well, and that will be covered during this one-hour webinar. To register, go to http://projectcrownweb.org/pcw_community_events/understanding-the-payment-year-2015-esrd-qip/
  2. On Jan. 15, CMS and the Center for Clinical Standards and Quality will host an open door forum to discuss the changes to the ESRD QIP for 2014, affecting payment year 2016. The program will start at 2:00 pm EST. To register, visit MLN Connects Upcoming Calls at www.eventsvc.com/blhtechnologies. After the presentation, participants will have an opportunity to ask questions. The agenda will cover:
  • ESRD QIP legislative framework and how it fits in with CMS strategies to improve quality
  • Changes reflected in the final rule based on public comments
  • The final measures, standards, scoring methodology, and payment reduction scale that are applied to the PY 2016 program
  • How the PY 2016 program compares to PY 2015

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