Dialysis provider DaVita Kidney Care said it has started delivering hemodiafiltration treatments to select patients in Colorado Springs as part of a six-month trial program. This program is the first commercial use of hemodiafiltration in the United States.

DaVita said it would use the Nephros H2H Hemodiafiltration Module with an OLpur MD 220 HDF filter, which was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in May 2012.

The program will be performed at DaVita's North Colorado Springs Clinic over a period of six months. DaVita said its clinical experts will determine whether there are improved outcomes of dialysis treatments and patient quality of life compared to those associated with hemodialysis. 

Patients will be phased into the program over a period of time,  DaVita told NN&I, and the total number of participants has not yet been determined. At press time, one patient was receiving the treatment, and a few more are planned to start within the next month.