DaVita HealthCare Partners Inc. has announced that two of its business units, DaVita Clinical Research (DCR) and HealthCare Partners Clinical Research, will merge. The two research organizations offer comprehensive data analytics on longitudinal, de-identified data of approximately one million active patients receiving care at DaVita HealthCare Partners centers, including 170,000 U.S. dialysis patients receiving care from DaVita Kidney Care and 836,000 multi-specialty patients receiving integrated care from HealthCare Partners.

Biopharmaceutical and medical device developers can gain insights through access to the analytics capabilities and understanding of patient data unique to a health care provider-based clinical research organization, DaVita said in a news release.

According to DaVita, advantages of the merger include the following:

  • Boosted research-study enrollment and retention.
  • Access to nearly a million primary care and multi-specialty patients, as well as 280,000 CKD and ESRD patients, thereby expanding the breadth and depth of the research being conducted.
  • Increased intellectual, financial and human resources necessary to support comprehensive analysis of scenarios ranging from burden-of-illness studies to budget impact models to market-sizing assessments.