Dialysis Clinic Inc. said it has started construction on their latest dialysis facility in Waverly, Tenn. The dialysis provider said the anticipated completion date for construction is set for late February 2014.

DCI Waverly will have 16-stations with 1 isolation station. The facility will offer in-center hemodialysis and home peritoneal dialysis training. Patients receiving in-center treatment will enjoy individual televisions, heated dialysis treatment chairs, and the beauty of the upscale design.

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The Waverly Clinic is centrally located, 25 to 45 miles from another clinic. The DCI Waverly clinic hours are anticipated to be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with the first shift beginning at 6a.m.The hours will be expanded to accommodate patient needs as dialysis patients transfer into the facility, DCI said.

“Currently, many patients drive as much as an hour each way to reach a dialysis facility.  DCI Waverly will be more convenient for the patients in this region,” said DCI Administrator Nick Jiran

 “We have hired patient care staff, many of whom are from the Waverly and surrounding area, which are currently working in our DCI Dickson clinic.  They are now taking care of approximately 20 patients that will be transferring to the new clinic.”

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If you would like to request treatment at the DCI Waverly dialysis clinic, please call 615.446.0111.