As the Ebola virus and the resulting fear spread across the globe, it is important for health care workers to be informed about the disease.

The American Society of Nephrology has compiled resources for healthcare workers regarding Ebola. ASN said it is currently developing dialysis-specific information on Ebola, including FAQs for providing dialysis support to individuals infected with the virus and has added a special session on Ebola and dialysis to ASN Kidney Week 2014.

The Kidney Community Emergency Response (KCER) Coalition said it has been communicating with the CDC and is awaiting specific Ebola guidance for the dialysis community.  In the meantime, KCER is advising using vigilant infection control procedures, and has compiled information for facilities and stakeholders to use as a refresher.

MedPage Today has interviewed nephrologists Michael Connor, MD, and Harold Franch, MD,  from Emory University Hospital in Atlanta regarding performing dialysis on Ebola patients. Emory University has cared for four Ebola patients. 

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