What can we expect from the QIP in the future? Will the program make a difference in improving outcomes?  Panelists answered those questions and reviewed the rules for the current End-Stage Renal Disease Program Quality Incentive Program during a webinar produced by Nephrology News & Issues on Oct. 23. The hour-long webinar covered rules for 2013-14, examined the question about whether the quality measures could make a difference in improving outcomes, and looked toward the future for the ESRD QIP. Over 500 members of the renal community attended the webinar, which can be replayed here . Slides from each presenter can also be downloaded here.

Improving dialysis outcomes
Attendees asked a number of questions, both technical in nature and about the overall direction of the program. Speaker Glenda Payne, RN, MS, CNN made the point that the measures proposed and developed by CMS should ultimately improve outcomes for patients. She also noted that development of a quality measure on fluid management was an area that needed attention, and had the potential to improve outcomes.

QIP reporting measures: ESAs. Infections, dialysis patient satisfaction
Speakers also speculated about the convergence of reporting measures and quality measures. Jay Wish, MD noted that dialysis centers only have to report on cases of infection, use of patient satisfaction surveys, and monthly hemoglobin levels and ESA dose, for example. It remains unclear when that information may form the basis for new quality measures––and be subjected to financial penalties.

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