The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Mar Cor Purification's Minncare HD disinfectant, a water system disinfectant used in hemodialysis applications. Minncare HD disinfectant is a proprietary blend of peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide and is completely biodegradable allowing for easy disposal and reducing environmental impact. Mar Cor is a subsidiary of Cantel Medical.

After developing an effective protocol with the FDA, Mar Cor successfully conducted extensive testing to validate product performance and safety. Mar Cor will also offer validated test strips for testing strength and to verify that there are no residuals following a disinfection procedure. Both products will be available in early February  2015.

"Minncare HD disinfectant eliminates the risk of using unregulated industrial chemicals, such as chlorine bleach, in patient treatment areas," said John Rickert, VP Medical Sales. "The disinfection protocol is validated, the chemistry has been proven efficacious, and accurate test strips are available to insure dosage, as well as to verify complete rinse-out of the disinfectant."

Minncare is a registered trademark of Medivators Inc., a Cantel Medical Company.