Home Dialyzors United has named two new members, both home dialyzors, to its board of directors. HDU is a non-profit patient organization dedicated to home dialysis. HDU's main focus is advocating and supporting those on home hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis modalities, and all patients and care partners who are  interested in obtaining more information about home dialysis.

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The new board members
Benjamin Ruback is a graduate of Harvard College and currently teaches high school science in the Boston area. He has experienced almost every type of modality dialysis, including peroitoneal dialysis, in center hemodialysis, and  a kidney transplant. He has been on home dialysis since 2007 and nocturnal home dialysis since 2011.  He said in a news reelase that he is "eager to work with the board to educate patients, professionals, and lawmakers about home dialysis and to develop the logistics necessary to meet those goals.”  Ruback said his strength lies in his communication abilities and in his passion for spreading the word about living a successful, normal life while on dialysis.  Recently he has taken advocacy to Capitol Hill as part of the congressional briefing on home dialysis and by meetings in various congressional offices.

Jim Smith is in his 8th year on home hemodialysis, often traveling around the country in an RV, educating patients and dialysis center personnel about the benefits of home dilaysis modalities and helping patients create a positive attitude. He also has experience in sales and in show planning and management.  Smith said he feels that issues which need to be addressed include the ability to dialyze without a partner and organizational projects such as member recruitment and grass roots education using local groups and venues.