The home dialysis patient advocacy group Home Dialyzors United is calling on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to update its payment policy to include full reimbursement for home hemodialysis training as part of the final rule for 2015.

"Today, Medicare pays only about $50 per training session toward the costs of having an experienced nurse, social worker, and dietitian provide one-on-one training to new patients, while Medicare’s own data shows the real cost of providing training is about five times that or more, " the Home Dialyzors United board of directors said in a news release. "…This means there continues to be a disincentive to provide training, making it difficult for patients to learn about and gain access to the potentially life-changing benefits of home hemo."

The advocacy group has created a petition that urges CMS to update its payment policy for home hemodialysis training as part of the final rule for 2015. Home Dialyzors United is also urging dialysis patients, providers, and family members and friends to write a comment supporting home dialysis patient training on the rule’s official comment page.

"Dialysis patients have a right to choose home dialysis and CMS is not following Congress’ directive to ensure that as many patients as can be treated at home should be so treated, the group said I nthe news release.  "This problem won’t be fixed until Medicare fully reimburses providers for the upfront costs associated with patient training. It’s time for patients, providers, and those that care about our community to speak loudly and clearly on this issue.

The petition is available here.