The Kidney Community Emergency Response Coalition has released a report that reviews the actions taken during the response to Hurricane Sandy and identifies successes and challenges that occurred during the preparation, impact, and recovery phases of the storm. Based on this review, recommendations are also provided for future weather emergencies.

The report includes the following summary of KCER activities throughout the Sandy preparations, response, and recovery:

  1. Notified ESRD Networks and partners to prepare for the coming storms.
  2. Distributed severe weather alerts to the KCER community via the KCER listserv.
  3. Updated the KCER national website with severe weather updates, important contact information, and resources.
  4. Updated the KCER toll-free phone number message with contact information for patient assistance from the National Kidney Foundation, and referred callers to toll-free emergency phone numbers for their dialysis providers or local ESRD Network for assistance.
  5. Coordinated eleven consecutive daily national status calls with affected stakeholders.
  6. Responded to ESRD Networks or facilities as they worked on immediate needs including patient tracking, tracking of open and closed facilities, and coordination of care and/or services.
  7. Provided assistance to patients and caregivers that contacted KCER with inquires.
  8. Followed-up with affected ESRD Networks, agencies and providers to review status, needs, and action items.
  9. Conducted one debriefing call to identify and share best practices and lessons learned.

The full report includes best practices for dialysis providers, ESRD Networks, federal and state emergency management, and the KCER Coalition itself. It also includes lessons learned from the hurricane. Download the full report.