Updated products introduced to the renal community in 2016 that will be on display during Kidney Week.



nxstage-nx2me-e-brochure-imageCompany: NxStage Medical
Product: Nx2Me
More information: ASN Booth #1135; www.nxstagemedical.com

NxStage’s Nx2me Connected Health platform is for patients performing home hemodialysis therapy with the company’s SystemOne machine. A key component of the Nx2me platform is the Nx2me iPad app, which is designed to increase patients’ ease of use of home therapy by monitoring and capturing treatment data and wirelessly sending it to their center after each treatment. Dialysis center staff can access the treatment data using the Nx2me Clinician Portal to review and follow treatment adherence and progress. Nx2me patient treatment data can be integrated into EMR systems, thereby reducing the need for paper flow sheets.



jms-needleCompany: JMS North America
Product: JMS SysLoc MINI (new extensions)
More information: ASN Booth #1546; www.jmsna.net

JMS North America has introduced several extensions to its AV Fistula product line. The JMS SysLoc MINI line will now include 1 ¼” cannula, replacing the former SysLoc 1 ¼” line. The Harmony blunt needle line now includes a Single-Type AVF for nocturnal home patients. The Single-Type Harmony is available in 15G and 16G with both 12” and 16” tubing. JMS also provides a sharp Single-Type AVF in similar configurations for establishing the buttonhole site, or for self cannulators.






nemours-childrens-health-system-nephcure-foundation-book-coverCompany: Nemours Children’s Health System/NephCure Foundation
Product: “Eating Well With Kidney Disease” cookbook
More information: ASN Booth #1151; www.nemours.org

Nemours Children’s Health System and NephCure Kidney International have published “Eating Well with Kidney Disease,” a collection of kid-friendly, kidney-healthy recipes and dietary guidelines for children and families. Several families treated at Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children contributed recipes to the book, having become experts at finding ways to make flavorful meals without adding too much sodium, potassium or phosphorus.






ifian-ipadtime-mobile-2Company: Infian
Product: TIME Mobile and Dashboards
More information: ASN Booth #1323; www.marketing@infian.com

Infian’s TIME Mobile can be used through an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or Android tablet anywhere to quickly handle most clinical patient management needs. Respond faster to patient needs and stay in touch, even if you are not at the office or dialysis center. The TIME System Dashboards were designed for quick, interactive analytics of clinical and financial information. With TIME Dashboards provides access to a vast amount of clinical and financial data in the TIME System for quicker, more disciplined decision making with the supporting evidence at your fingertips.





Company: Medical Education Institute
Product: My Life, My Dialysis Choice decision aid
More information: ASN Booth #1433; www.mydialysishchoice.org

Learn your patients’ values and lifestyle preferences so you can help them make informed dialysis choices—now in English or Spanish—with the non-profit Medical Education Institute’s My Life, My Dialysis Choice decision aid. Use the tool once online on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, and it can be used offline thereafter. Based on the award-winning book, “Help, I Need Dialysis!”  (www.lifeoptions.org/help_book), the tool has been endorsed by the American Association of Kidney Patients and Home Dialyzors United.



Baxters AMIA automated peritoneal dialysis system uses features such as voice guidance, a touchscreen control panel and the Sharesource two-way connectivity platform.

Baxter’s new AMIA PD cycler.

Company: Baxter Healthcare Corp.
Product: Amia Automated PD System
More information: ASN Booth #822;  www.baxter.com

The Amia Automated PD System features touch-screen navigation with voice-guided directions and full-color animation. The Sharesouce Connectivity Platform features a two-way connection between a patient’s Amia cycler and their clinic, on demand access to timely, accurate historical treatment data, and the ability for clinicians to adjust device programs remotely.






mesa-labs-phoenix-xl-angle-copyCompany: Mesa Laboratories
Product: pHoenix XL
More information: www.mesalabs.com

Mesa Labs’ pHoenix XL is a convenient, hand-held, syringe-style meter for quick and accurate measurement of conductivity, temperature and pH. The easy-to-follow calibration guide and one-touch calibration buttons give you added assurance that readings are accurate and reliable. The syringe-style design allows you to gather a sample directly from a sample port on the dialysis machine, saving you valuable time. A new auto-ranging feature automatically selects the proper conductivity range for measurement of various solutions. The meter also has:

  • Intuitive on-screen menus and calibration process
  • Expanded measurement ranges and enhanced resolution for temperature, pH and conductivity
  • Eliminates the need for pH paper test strips
  • Extended battery life with new, 3.6V lithium-ion battery
  • Can calibrate multiple points using Mesa’s 14.0 mS/cm – 7.0 pH combo solution


myron-l-d-6-nacl-jpgCompany: Myron L Company
Product: D-6 Dialysate Meter
More information: www.myronl.com

The Myron L Company D-6 Dialysate Meter is a handheld, multi-test, instrument that is intended for use by trained hemodialysis professionals to verify the conductivity, pH and temperature of dialysate and sodium bicarbonate dialysate as a final check before hemodialysis treatment. The test results are presented as unambiguous values on the instrument’s LCD display. Samples placed in the instrument’s off-line sensor reservoirs are never returned to the dialysis stream, eliminating cross contamination of dialysate. The D-6 Dialysate Meter can also measure Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) and Resistivity.




puracath-deviceCompany: PuraCath Medical
Product:  Firefly Peritoneal Dialysis Connection Disinfecting System
More Information: Read ASN Poster #TH-PO1149 or visit www.puracath.com

PuraCath Medical has developed the Firefly Peritoneal Dialysis Connection Disinfecting System for patients on peritoneal dialysis in order to both reduce the risk of peritonitis and to improve the quality of life for PD patients. The Firefly system is the only device for peritoneal dialysis approved by the FDA for 4-log (99.99%) disinfection of bacteria and fungi, which commonly contribute to the development of peritonitis.






champion-4-eco-std-jpgCompany: Champion Manufacturing, Inc.
Product: The Comfort-4 ECO chair
More information: www.championchair.com

The Comfort-4 ECO provides a single platform for examination, diagnosis, treatment and observation. This advanced, fully-powered health care chair with vertical height adjustment is designed for a wide range of patient therapies. A “one-touch” handset with multiple independent adjustment controls allows for maximum patient comfort while assisting with staff needs.  Its power lift vertically adjusts the chair for easy and safe patient access in the lowered position, while allowing the physician and medical staff to facilitate their care by adjusting the height.





dialysis-enhancement-productsCompany: Dialysis Enhancement Products
Product: Wall Box
More information: www.dialysisep.com

Dialysis Enhancement Products has been in the Dialysis Wall Box business for over 20 years.  The company enhanced the product line to include many different configurations to accommodate our customer’s needs. Our wall boxes now include R.O. water and drain connectors in addition to bicarbonate and acid connectors to fit most needs. Our connectors for water and drain are manufactured by CPC, while the concentrate connectors are manufactured by Fresenius. All metal components are stainless steel to reduce the risk of rust.