The nonprofit Medical Education Institute has released a free, web-based decision aid to help people with chronic kidney disease choose which type of dialysis will be the best fit for their lifestyles and health values. My Life, My Dialysis Choice is in beta testing mode, and MEI is encouraging community input from consumers and professionals. Feedback can be submitted on each page, and MEI said it compile and analyze comments before a final version is released and tested. A transplant section of the tool and a conservative management without dialysis section are intended for the future, MEI said in a release.

(Medical Education Institute receives 2013 National Health Information Award)

"Dialysis is so much more than just a medical treatment—it affects every aspect of lifestyle, from diet to travel, work, sexuality, even sleep," said MEI Executive Director, Dori Schatell. "But, most people who need dialysis don't know what it will mean for their day-to-day lives. Our new tool will let them choose the values that matter to them, then 'try on' each of four main types of dialysis and rate which ones seem like the best fit. At the end, a graph will show them what they chose."