After almost 12 years of service, NephCure Foundation CEO Henry Brehm announced his retirement to staff and colleagues on July 18. Brehm told the room full of staff and colleagues that he first approached Chairman of the Board Dr. Irv Smokler to begin making his succession plan two years ago. Brehm will remain with the foundation in a consulting role for the next six months. NephCure Chief Operating Officer Mark Stone is now acting CEO of NephCure.

“Two years ago as I approached the magic young age of 60, I told our Chairman of the Board, Dr. Smokler, we needed to begin thinking about my replacement," Brehm said. "Change is good; change is necessary and change facilitates growth.”

The NephCure Foundation started in 2003 with few staff and a list of 43 patients. During Brehm’s tenure, NephCure has grown to serve several thousand patients and has funding of more than $13 million dollars in glomerular disease research.

The NephCure Foundation is committed exclusively to support research seeking the cause of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) and Nephrotic Syndrome, improve treatment, and find a cure.