Nephrology Clinical Solutions has updated the data from its Laboratory Services and Reports Survey. Because many of the 166 respondents to the survey did not have a choice in lab provider,  the updated data includes, on page 21 of the PDF, a breakout of data from respondents that represent organizations that can choose their dialysis lab provider.

The 166 respondents to the Dialysis Laboratory Services and Reports Survey rated what qualities they considered when selecting a laboratory provider and what attributes of laboratory reports they found most important.

Download a PDF of some of the available data from the survey.

"This survey is interesting because it is able to show lab providers what their users want specifically from that lab provider," Alex Yang, NCS research director, told Nephrology News & Issues. "Providers are able to see what attributes are important to what users, so providers can see how well their lab reports function and what can be improved."

The following is a summary of how survey respondents rated the most important attributes in selecting a dialysis laboratory provider
•    Speed of lab values availability (78)
•    Laboratory reports (63)
•    Customer service support by phone (54)
•    Ease of shipping samples (33)
•    EMR interface (33)
•    Cost (20)
•    Billing system interface (9)
•    In person support (7)
•    Geographic coverage (2)

"Other than speed, laboratory reports ranked as the most important attribute of a laboratory provider. For the first time in recent history, U.S. nephrology health care providers and laboratory providers have an independent benchmark that provides insight into the performance of their reporting application along various functions," Yang said.

The Dialysis Laboratory Services and Reports Survey is scheduled to field semi-annually and compare trends in dialysis laboratory services and reports in the U.S. dialysis market. The next survey will begin in June. Registration to the NCS Research Council is now open to NN&I readers. Register here.