MIQS has released a reporting function that generates the information required to meet the demands of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) ESRD Core Quality audits, commonly referred to as Facility Surveys.

As part of their Conditions for Coverage, the audit program helps ensure that dialysis centers achieved specified minimum quality results in their patients.

The reporting function is provided to users of the MIQS Clinical software.

“The MIQS Core Survey Data Worksheet report is a huge time saver with many advantages,” said Betty Ringrose. RN, of Liberty Administrative Services, a MIQS client. “Not only does it capture all elements required for the CMS surveyor, it also provides the percent that met goal. It is user friendly, easy to run and print, and is in the format of the Core Survey Data Worksheet. These enhancements increase productivity so staff can spend more time with patients. In addition, MIQS has bundled all patient-related reports required within 3 hours of the surveyor entering the facility. Having bundled reports goes a long way to reduce the stress in providing the information timely.”