Below is a list of new products and product updates released this year that will be on display at Kidney Week.




Company: B. Braun

Product: Diacap Pro

ASN Booth: #1109
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The new dialyzer, Diabap Pro, has improved clearance performance and user handling, according to B. Braun. It also has a lower comparable surface area and an increased molecule to surface contact. Diacap Pro is available in three sizes: 1.3m2, 1.6m2, 1.9m2.

“The newly developed fibers in Diacap Pro are designed to improve dialysis dose,” said Samuel Amory, Vice President at B. Braun Medical. “The Diacap Pro fibers clear blood toxins like urea and creatinine, while still retaining vital molecules like albumin.”


Company: Nipro Corporation

Product: Cellentia-H

ASN Booth: #1527

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Nipro will be introducing its new Cellentia-H single-use cellulose triacetate (CTA) dialyzer, a companion to its line of Elisio-H dialyzers, at Kidney Week. Nipro says it offers the only dialyzers in the U.S. market that are made without BPA and DEHP in any of the product components. The dialyzer is designed with a CTA membrane which offers a solution for treating patients who have difficulty tolerating standard hemodialysis filters made with polysulfone, polyethersulfone, or polyarylethersulfone.



Company: OPKO Health

Product: Rayaldee

ASN Booth: #701

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With FDA approval in mid-June 2016, OPKO Health launched its new drug Rayaldee (calcifediol) this year to treat secondary hyperparathyroidism associated with Vitamin D insufficiency in Stage 3-4 chronic kidney disease.

Results from two, 26-week placebo controlled, double blind phase 3 trials demonstrated that a larger proportion of stage 3 or 4 CKD patients with SHPT and vitamin D insufficiency achieved ≥ 30% reductions in plasma intact parathyroid hormone (iPTH) when treated with Rayaldee than with placebo. Vitamin D insufficiency was corrected in more than 80% of the patients receiving Rayaldee compared with less than 7% of subjects receiving placebo, OPKO reports. Mean serum calcium and phosphorus levels increased by 0.1 mg/dL during treatment compared to placebo, but these changes were deemed clinically irrelevant.



Company: Infian

Product: New clinical data dashboards for TIME System EHR

ASN Booth: #1117

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Infian has introduced new clinical summary dashboards for its TIME System EHR and medical billing system. The interdisciplinary team performing the quality assessment with the clinical summary dashboards can visualize large amounts of relevant clinical data, including information on vascular access, hospitalizations, Kt/V, and hemoglobin, and this data can be filtered by doctor, by facility, and other attributes, including by type of insurance. When a patient is identified for follow up, the team can quickly drill down to the detailed data. By providing such targeted clinical data at the Point-of-Need, clinical decisions can become faster and more insightful and have the potential to be more accurate than decisions made using less disciplined data, the company says.


Company: Fresenius Renal Technologies

Product: Crit-line

ASN Booth: #1000

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Fresenius Renal Technologies has added Crit-Line technology to the 2008T hemodialysis machine. The CLiC device provides real-time, non-invasive, optical measurement of hematocrit, oxygen saturation, and percent change in the relative blood volume. As blood passes through the CLiC blood chamber, it is trans-illuminated by multiple wavelengths of light; the differences in light absorption between blood constituents allow for real-time measurements.

Based on the data that the device provides, the clinician/nurse, under physician direction, can intervene in order to remove the maximum amount of fluid from the dialysis patient without the patient experiencing some of the common complications of the dialysis treatment. The company offers the CLiC device as a fully integrated module on the 2008T machine and also as a stand-alone Crit-Line IV monitor.


Product: Liberty peritoneal dialysis cycler

Fresenius Renal Technologies is introducing a software upgrade, called the Liberty Select, for the company’s Liberty peritoneal dialysis cycler. Based on customer feedback, the new features are designed to provide patients with a more comfortable dialysis experience, including:

  • A soft alarm that gently notifies patients when their patient line becomes blocked during treatment.
  • Three new customization settings to accommodate varying patient needs for draining, including drain exit criteria.

The Liberty Select software upgrade is scheduled for limited release in October and will be more widely available in 2018.


Company: Relypsa Inc.

Product: Veltassa

ASN Booth: #1227

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The pharmaceutical company Relypsa has updated the label for its hyperkalemia drug Veltassa, including the removal of the boxed warning and a reduction in the recommended separation window between administering Veltassa and other oral medications to three hours (the previous label indicated six hours). Initially approved in 2015, Veltassa is the first approved medicine for the treatment of hyperkalemia in more than 50 years. Patients with chronic kidney disease may be at risk for hyperkalemia due to reduced kidney function; if untreated, patients can be at risk for abnormal heart rhythms and sudden death, the company said.