Northwest Renal Network, which holds the contract for ESRD Network 16, said it plans to affiliate with the HealthInsight ESRD Alliance.  The newly formed alliance also includes the Intermountain ESRD Network, which oversees ESRD Networks 15 and 17.

Northwest Renal Network and Intermountain ESRD Network will retain their corporate identity and will continue to use their current name alongside the HealthInsight ESRD Alliance name.

All 18 current ESRD Networks are now affiliated with or partnering with a QualityInnovation Network – Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO). All but one of those partnerships/affiliations are multi-network in scope. By working together, the partners will be more efficient and effective in how they execute the ESRD and QIN-QIO activities, and ensure a broader impact in their communities. This collaboration will work toward transforming health care to achieve improved quality, safety and value for ESRD patients and to assure continuity of exceptional care. 

“We believe that there will be immediate synergy as we bring the strength and long history of outstanding quality outcomes of Northwest Renal Network with Intermountain ESRD Network and HealthInsight” said Marc Bennett, HealthInsight president and CEO. “Adding Northwest Renal Network to our partnership will further enrich our ability to create opportunities for meaningful innovation and for a significantly broader geographic implementation of quality initiatives.”

Northwest Renal Network holds the CMS contract for ESRD Network 16 and has served as an ESRD Network organization since 1978. Network 16 serves Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.

“Northwest Renal Network is excited to be joining HealthInsight and Intermountain ESRD Network as part of the HealthInsight ESRD Alliance,” said Katrina Russell, RN, CNN, board chair of Northwest Renal Network. “We believe this partnership will help us enhance our ability to bring quality care to the patients we serve and will expand the capabilities of all partners combining resources and expertise for the benefit of those who suffer with kidney disease.”