NxStage Medical and Gambro Renal have settled a lawsuit that accused NxStage of false advertising of its System One home hemodialysis machine, and both companies agreed to extend a supply agreement for NxStage.

Gambro sued NxStage in February 2012, accusing the dialysis product manufacturer of making misleading statements that compared its System One home hemodialysis system to Gambro's competing Prisma and Prismaflex devices, according to court documents.

Both companies agreed to a settlement without any admission of wrongdoing or liability by either party and dismissal of all related claims with prejudice.

The renal care companies also extended a contract that allows Gambro to exclusively supply NxStage’s blood tubing sets in the United States to DaVita and its affiliated entities.  The contract, originally signed in 2009, was set to expire in July and has been extended to Dec. 31, 2015, with annual renewals thereafter unless terminated with six months prior notice.