Dialysis product manufacturer NxStage Medical Inc. has created a dosing calculator Designed for use with the NxStage System One to help physicians develop prescriptions tailored to patients' clinical and lifestyle objectives.

Because traditional in-center dialysis treatment schedules are constrained by staffing and time-slot availability, home therapy presents additional flexibility with which to address clinical and lifestyle needs, and this tool will help clinicians decide upon the course of care to achieve their objectives, NxStage said in a release.

The Dosing Calculator uses formulas from peer-reviewed publications and displays a wide range of therapy frequencies and durations to assist nephrologists in prescribing a desired dose. This online tool is expected to significantly reduce nephrologist time in calculating and assessing hundreds of possible prescription options to achieve clinical goals.

"We are committed to increasing access to home hemodialysis therapy based upon its life-changing benefits to patients and their families, and ensuring a simple prescription process is important to this goal," said Jeffrey H. Burbank, chief executive officer of NxStage Medical Inc. "With this web-based tool, physicians now have a new way to target their clinical goals while giving patients maximum flexibility to live their lives as they wish."

The calculator is free for health care providers to use and is available at  http://dosingcalculator.nxstage.com