Dialysis products manufacturer NxStage Medical Inc. has created the Zenith Award to recognize ICU teams that provide remarkable patient care to the renal community.The company has provided renal replacement therapy solutions with the NxStage System One to ICU patients since 2002. The award recipient will be selected and notified no later than April 15, 2015, and announced in May at a NxStage sponsored event during the 2015 AACN National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition in San Diego, California.

Interested participants are encouraged to submit an application for review by March 31 at www.nxstage.com/zenith. Applicants are asked to detail specific examples of their creative, and effective, contributions to acute renal therapy services.

"The ICU teams administering therapy to a patient with acute kidney failure are critical to that patient's potential health and well-being," said Joe Turk, president of NxStage. "The Zenith Award is a much deserved recognition for the teams that dedicate their lives to continuously improving acute renal therapy with innovative solutions, and ultimately bettering patient care."