NxStage Medical Inc. is celebrating its 10th year anniversary this summer of the Food and Drug Administration’s clearance of its System One home hemodialysis machine. More than 10 million treatments on thousands of dialysis patients have taken place around the world since the machine was launched, the company said.

One System One user is Jenna Smith, a 29-year-old Seattle resident with a rare condition called Dense Deposit Disease, which led to her kidney failure. Smith tried a range of treatment options, including a failed transplant from her father and in-center hemodialysis. She chose HHD with the System One 10 years ago because the in-center dialysis treatment regimen posed challenges for her individual health care needs due to the lack of frequency and flexibility of the therapy. While treating with the System One, Smith graduated from the University of Iowa, moved to Oregon, earned her graduate degree, and now works in 3D digital modeling at an engineering firm in Seattle.

“The number of personal goals I’ve achieved over the past 10 years would not have been possible without the NxStage System One,” said Smith. “I’m extremely thankful to have found home hemodialysis because my treatment fits into my life whenever and wherever I want, instead of the other way around.”

More patient stories are available on NxStage’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/NxStage).