Nearly 5,000 transplant professionals will gather in Philadelphia later this week for the 15th annual American Transplant Congress (ATC). The event is the joint meeting of the American Society of Transplant Surgeons and the American Society of Transplantation, both non-profit medical associations for professionals involved in scientific research and advocacy related to the advancement of transplantation.

The multitude of programs featured during the ATC meeting are designed for physicians, surgeons, scientists, nurses, organ procurement personnel, advanced transplant providers, pharmacists, administrators and allied health professionals interested in solid organ and tissue transplantation. Throughout the five-day event, the scientific and clinical knowledge of worldwide transplant professionals will be challenged and stretched as a variety of groundbreaking research is presented.

The pre-meeting symposia, being held on Saturday, May 2, will offer a variety of courses for clinicians, scientists, and allied health professionals and will focus on key advances incurrent topics of major interest in the scientific, surgical, and clinical practices of transplantation.

“The 2015 American Transplant Congress offers professionals the opportunity to exchange new scientific and clinical information relevant to solid organ and tissue transplantation with others in the field,” said Rob Fairchild, PhD, Congress co-chair. “The meeting gives attendees an opportunity like no other—to network and collaborate with peers and identify future opportunities that can lead to major advancements in transplantation.”

The program will feature:

  • Specific tracks designed to cater to professionals focused on basic science, pediatric transplantation, immunology, tissue injury/preservation, xenotransplantation, pathology, nephrology, organ donation, infectious diseases, heart transplantation, immunosuppression, liver transplantation, and allied health.
  • More than 1,700 abstracts, nearly 530 concurrent oral sessions, and close to 2,000 poster presentations.

“We are very excited about the innovative, cutting-edge science that will be presented at this year's ATC,” said Dorry Segev, MD, PhD, Congress co-chair. “Novel findings will be presented and highly controversial subjects will be addressed in topics ranging from multi-organ transplantation, generic immunosuppression, liver allocation and policy, living donation, kidney exchanges/chains, and transplantation in the elderly, to artificial organs, HIV and hepatitis C, technical challenges, new biomarkers, and tolerance.”

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