It seems appropriate that the Renal Physicians Association's first president helps the association to remember the past and usher in the future. John Sadler, MD, who practices in Baltimore and is part of the leadership at Independent Dialysis Foundation, will take a look at the history of the association on Friday during his talk, “Impact of RPA over four decades.”

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Sadler, the honorary chair of the 40th Anniversary event, is candid in his pre-conference remarks about his place in RPA history––“I am a relic, but a proud one,”–– but notes that the association has made real progress since the early days.

“Importantly, it has never lost its focus on the mission as the advocate for nephrologists and continuous seeker of improved nephrology practice,” he says. “The voice of RPA has defended us in many venues and helped us define what is best for our practice. That makes me proud. With our support and participation, RPA will continue to assure that we are recognized and respected in Congress and among staff at other federal agencies.”

RPA’s work with other renal organizations to present more unified positions has been helpful. “Ultimately, RPA is about patients for whom we provide kidney care. Our focus must always remain on delivering high quality, safe care for our patients.”