BALTIMORE––It’s a difficult task to measure the level of quality that you are providing to your kidney patients. The best playing field is one with multiple players – one where you can share your outcomes data and compare yourself to other nephrologists.

The Renal Physicians Association’s Kidney Quality Improvement Registry might be one resource for nephrologists and medical directors to assess the care being provided in their clinic.

“Here is what I think you need to look at,” said Adam Weinstein, MD, during a presentation at the Renal Physicians Association’s annual meeting here. “Do I provide better care? How do I define better? How do I improve?” The Registry could help nephrologists evaluate the level of quality they provide by comparing data with others?"

The ideal data collection system, said Weinstein, would have the following:

  • A single location to collect, store, work with and report on clinical quality data
  • Allow for multiple uses of the same data
  • Allow for benchmarking and comparison of data between dialysis providers and groups of dialysis providers
  • Provide the ability to link data to educational resources on improvement
  • Allow submission/reporting of data to a variety of programs/entities

“We generate data but it goes to lots of different places,” said Weinstein. “The RPA registry would take all that data…a single repository to collect, store, analyze and report on your clinical quality data,” said Weinstein. “It becomes a collection of related databases working as a clinical quality improvement platform.”
The Registry is a Web-based, subscription service that, in addition to collecting data, incorporates certification and licensure tracking, and offers performance improvement tools, including peer comparison, guidelines, and resources from the RPA.

The RPA is working with technology from CECity and the MedConcert platform to ensure usability and offer security of the data. Pricing to join the Registry is $499/year for RPA members and $699 for nonmembers.

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