Switzerland-based Debiotech SA and Singapore-based AWAK Technologies Pte Ltd. have partnered to develop and manufacture a miniaturized home hemodialysis machine.  This new system will be based on Debiotech's miniaturized peritoneal dialysis equipment "DialEase," and AWAK's novel sorbent technology for fluid purification. "The combination of both companies' product expertise will lead to a new system which shall be extremely small and convenient to use, less intrusive in a patient's life and more cost effective," the companies said in a release. The new system will require less fluid than conventional hemodialysis machines and will be monitored in real time from the hospital via the cloud.

"Our common vision is to make available to patients, in a relative short period of time, the most integrated and cost-effective machine for Home Hemodialysis," said Dr. Frédéric Neftel, president and CEO of Debiotech. "By using the sorbent fluid purification cartridge from AWAK, we will be able to save a significant amount of fluid, simplify the entire logistics and radically reduce the size of the final system, contributing also to overall cost savings." 

The present DialEase device can stand on a night table and weights about 4.7kg, the companies said in a release.