Service Employees International Union-United Healthcare Workers West filed two ballot initiatives Aug. 9 with the California Attorney General for the November 2018 election. The initiatives contain rules for state dialysis clinics similar to those found in the pending bills SB 349  and AB 251.

The two initiatives

  • The Kidney Dialysis Patient Protection Act: This ballot initiative mirrors Senate bill 349, the Dialysis Patient Safety Act, that would set minimum staffing ratios in dialysis clinics, increase state inspections, and require minimum transition times between patient treatments.
  • Fair Pricing for Dialysis Act: This ballot initiative is similar to State Assembly bill 251 that would require dialysis clinics to spend at least 85% of their revenue on direct patient care. The initiative would require clinics to issue rebates to payers for any charges that exceed 115% of the average treatment cost in the state.

The union must collect 365,880 signatures for each initiative by mid-April 2018 to qualify for the ballot in November.