Winco Manufacturing LLC has issued a class 2 recall of 30 of its Drop Arm Care Cliner Standard – with Nylon Casters chairs because the foam for the chairs does not meet fire retardant standards.

The recall includes the following serial numbers: Serial Numbers: 655A108119, 655A108120, 655A108121, 655A108122, 655A108123, 655A108124, 655A108125, 655A108126, 655A108127, 655A108128, 655A108129, 655A108130, 655A108131, 655A108132, 655A108133, 655A108134, 655A108135, 655A108136, 655A108137, 655A108138, 655A108139, 655A108140, 655A108141, 655A108142, 655A108143, 655A108144, 655A108145, 655A108146, 655A108147, and 655A108148